Saturday, April 30, 2011

Loot List Ish!

This is part of my goal of finding out what I truly want in life. It begins with progression, the progression of my evolution. This is a record of what I’m looking for to finish out my Cartoon Hotei’s gear. I will be trying to obtain all gear sets so I will become an effective hybrid player. My class is hybrid, I should be hybrid, and I bet my car becomes hybrid in the not too far future. 

These are items I plane to obtain. The list starts with Julak-Doom. The Eye of Zor. I plan to get a group/raid together to down him. And loot him for myself. I have high hopes for this goal because it will prove to me that I can form a group of players smart enough to conquer a raid boss.

I also plan to obtain Mobus’s Dripping Halberd, which is a major if not best weapon upgrade I can get for my bear/cat set. Good idea! <Go me!>

I will break this next list down in offset and main set items. My main set, which is Balance, will come first followed by my offset which is Feral/Bear Tanking. These items come from the new 5 man instances, ZA & ZG. *While writing this post I’ve obtained a few of my wanted items. Those I have obtained will be struck through. And will be updated as I progress. Hope I start #winning.

Main Set

  • ·         Two-Toed Boots – Feet – ZA Timed Event
  • ·         Voodoo Hexblade – Weapon – ZA Timed Event
  • ·         Amani Scepter of Rites – Weapon – Daakara
  • ·         Legacy of Arlokk – Weapon - Jin'do the Godbreaker
  • ·         Lost Bag of Whammies – Offhand – Edge of Madness
  • ·         Shimmerclaw Band – Ring – Halazzi
  • ·         Soul Drain Signet – Ring – Hexlord Malacrass
  • ·         Signet of Venoxis – Ring – High Priest Venoxis
  • ·         Armbands of the Bear Spirit – Wrist – Nalorakk
  • ·         Feathers of Akil’zon – Shoulder – Akil’zon
  • ·         Amani Headdress – Head – Daakara
  • ·         Hakkari Loa Drape – Back – Bloodlord Mandokir
  • ·         Leggings of the Pride – Legs – High Priestess Kilnara
  • ·         Vestments of the Soulflayer – Chest - Jin'do the Godbreaker


  • ·         Tusked Shoulder Pads – Shoulder – Daakara
  • ·         Amulet of the Watcher – Neck – Bloodlord Mandokir
  • ·         Amulet of Protection – Neck – Gri’lek
  • ·         Arlokk's Signet – Ring - High Priestess Kilnara
  • ·         Quickfinger Ring – Ring – BoE
  • ·         Band of the Gurubashi Berserker – Ring – BoE
  • ·         Ring of the Numberless Brood – Ring – Jan’alai
  • ·         Leggings of Dancing Blades – Legs – ZA Timed Event
  • ·         Recovered Cloak of Frostheim – Back – ZA Timed Event
  • ·         The Savager’s Mask – Head – Halazzi
  • ·         Amani’shi Bracers – Wrist – Jan’alai
  • ·         Belt of Slithering Serpents – Wasit – High Priest Venoxis
  • ·         Fasc's Preserved Boots – Feet - Gri’lek
  • ·         Shadowtooth Trollskin Breastplate – Chest – Hexlord Malacrass
  • ·         Jin'do's Verdict – Weapon - Jin'do the Godbreaker

!Obtaining these items will require me to buy new gems and enchants. While I do not have my enchants planned out I do know that my Main Set will require 1 Meta Gem, 2 Red Gems, & 1 Blue Gem. My offset will require 1 Meta Gem, 2 Yellow Gems, 2 Red Gems, & 1 Blue Gem. *None of my offset gear has been Enchanted or Socketed along with being reforged. I have not looked very far into these numbers at this time. I’m playing moonkin and having fun. When I get tired I’ll try something new.

(After typing this last night I have added things to the list so these gem counts may not be right. If anything there are more gems needed.)

So here is my cute little loot list for 4.1! I also wish to grab “Miniature Voodoo Mask” for fun. I am unaware of what it will do! And I can also assure you that I will be rolling “need” on the mountains until I get them. (8
I’m also starting to farm mats for a Volcano Card! I hope this replaces my leftover blue trinket fast! Gotta love Swift Flight Form and Herbing. Fly high, and touch the sky brothers & sisters. Checkie laterr.


So I've come to realize that my ZG post is a little wrong. At least I'm learning! I plan on making a page on the side of the blog to cover boss fights but I enjoyed my first post and I'm glad I started doing this. What's coming next will be some of the following... (since I don't need wifi to write I'll be writing them up and dropping them when I make it over to Starbuck's.)

  • My ever growing Starbucks/Pandora Playlist
  • ZG's Final Boss Fight
  • My take on ZA
  • A loot list (which is pretty much done for the most part)
  • And maybe a story or two. or tres.
Even if no one reads this it reminds me that I have stuff to do and that I will do it. <3

Friday, April 29, 2011

Troll VooDoo! 4.0.6 We Bid Adue!

Today, (Well yesterday at this point), I did something I’ve been wanting too for the past day or so. I went to Starbuck’s Coffee to make use of the free wifi, So that I could play World of Warcraft. Now I was in public, on my computer for 4 hours, and I didn’t care because I was having fun and enjoying myself. I got a lot of thing done while I was there.

  • A Guild Group in Zul’Gurub
  • 2 New Main Spec Drops!
  • 1st Hand Knowledge of New Encounters
  • The Value of Team Work & Patience
  • The Value of Helping Newcomers

Yay for tolerance!! Now this is my first attempt at anything like this so I’m just going to do it my way. I want to share my knowledge so it will help people understand what I’ve gain from these experiences.  I want to thank my guild and as I progress with this blog I will learn new ways to accredit those who help me along my journey.  My guild mates really stuck there and we all learned something new today. Instead of talking about the crazy way we did it, I’ll try to explain in a streamlined fashion. But I must admit I had fun for the 3 hours I was inside the instance. 

Edge of Madness

Someone who has a high skill in Archaeology (Find Out) must summon this boss. It produces a random Troll Ghost. There are 4 different bosses named, Hazza'rah, Renataki, Wushoolay, Gri'lek.
  • Hazza'rah, Summons Adds Via Nightmare. Target and Stun a Player. If Add Reaches Player it kills.
  • Renataki, Tank & Spank, Heal Ambush Target. Run Away from Whirlwind!
  • Wushoolay, Avoid Lighting Cloud & Forked Lighting. Range is Key! Avoid Lighting Rod!
  • Gri'lek, Targets a Player, Cast Pursuit. Kite! Dispel Roots. (Druids Shapeshift!?) Avoid tremors.
There is a bunch of trash mobs before it is safe to complete this event. I assume many people will be skipping this boss once his loot is no longer needed, or if no one has the right Archaeology skill.

Mortaxx, Gurubashi Master Chef, Gub

These are mini bosses for one of the Quests that have been introduced with the zone. I find killing Gub allows for easy access to the map, allowing you to get to both far side bosses without going through the Mario Bros Fire Trap. They go down pretty easy. Gub does do a knock back so tank on a safe ground. These are also part of one of the achievements for the zone.

Florawing Hive Queen, Lost Offspring of Gahz'ranka, Tor-Tun

These are mini bosses for a quest. All are not very deadly if pulled solo. Seems the Hive Queen is to the left of the quest givers at the start, above the waterfall. There seems to be a safe place to pull the Lost Offspring on the coast of the bridge on the far north side. Both these mobs can drop a blue “bag” item that contains a random set number of things. The Hive Queen's drop contains Herbs, Air, and Life while the Offspring’s is currently unknown. (To me.) Tor-Tun isn’t as giving, all simple mobs/fodder & time killers. These mobs also contribute to the achievement mentioned above.

Kaulema the Mover, Mor'Lek the Dismantler 

These are mini boss for another quest. More fodder! Drop “Giant Sack” which has uncommon green gems and some ore! Also a part of the achievement mentioned above.
Those are the mini bosses and fodder produced in this zone. The 5 main bosses are truly works of their own. They can be as complex as the instance looks. If you have a grasp of what’s going on during the fights then I do not think it is a very hard challenge to a good group. But it is so very hard to come across a good team so the most you can do is try your best and know you’re doing it right! Super Self Ego Booster!

High Priest Venoxis, Pain in the Pen15

This boss is a Poison based, Maze setting encounter. The maze does not change. It is static and also wise to take notice to how it fills while you fight during the encounter. The boss does a few abilities, listed below. 
  • Whispers of Hethiss, Green Beam targeted at Party Member. It can be interrupted. Do so!
  • Toxic Link, Does not seem to affect the Tank. Run away from the other Party Member to break the link. *Note the AOE bomb upon the breaking of the link. Avoid this and try to keep Ranged spread out and be able to move easily throughout the maze. Watch your feet!
If you have lived through these 2 abilities then your next challenge will be Phase 2! The boss will no longer cast the abilities above but becomes buffed and gains new abilities, which are listed below.
  • Breath of Hethiss, Front Cone AOE attack. Massive Damage, Avoidable! 10 Yard Range!
  • Pool of Acrid Tears, Green Puddle. Be careful of where these fall. Try to keep walk ways clear encase people must relocate.
  • Bloodvenom, Done at the end of Phase 2 by running to his altar and channels while producing a beam targeted at a Party Member. Must kite the beam and Party Members must avoid the beam at all costs. Major Damage! At the end of this ability the boss will stun himself and get a damage debuff. Use cooldowns here if you have not been doing so! *Suggestions Stack at the start of a walk way before this happens so it is easier for the Targeted Party Member to kite the beam away safely.
Bloodlord Mandokir, The Lord is our Raptor

This encounter has a boss and a single add. You must take note of his raptor, Oghan. A major mechanic of this fight is the Raptor and the souls chained around the ring. These souls will resurrect you after Mandokir Decapitate’s you. Or you die in general. You only have 8 of these souls so use them wisely. *Also Oghan will attack and kill these souls when Mandorkir dismounts. **Bloodlord Mandokir will gain a damage buff of 20% with each player that is killed. Any death counts towards this, it does not have to be his instant kill ability.
  • Oghan, Raptor “Add” that must be dead more then it’s “Alive”. He will kill your souls preventing you from resurrecting from Decapitate. Pretty easy to nuke down, Ranged! You can also snare/slow. I’m unaware of what works for this so I recommend killing Oghan. *Active after dismounting.
  • Bloodletting, -50% HP of Targeted Party Member every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. Heals better be ready to HEAL once the debuff is on!
  • Devasting Slam, Spikes that shoot at of the ground for Massive Damage! Avoidable! A red graphic on the ground will show you where the spikes will come from. *Active after dismounting.
  • Decapitate, Instant kill. Pray you have souls still up to resurrect you!
  • 20% Frenzy, Pop your cooldowns & buckle down, it’s gonna be a rough trip!

High Priestess Kilnara, That’s a whole lotta pussy

For a woman with an obsession of cats, I think this can go pretty smoothly. There are a total of 16 cats and 1 boss. You have to kill all the cats before the boss hits 50%, easier said than done. *I have 2 ideas to this efficiently.

Have the Tank aggro the 1st pack of cats and drag them to the middle and gain threat on cats/boss. Let DPS get the cats down with AOE. *Ignore the boss the best you can.
 *1 Ranged DPS - Pull out 2 cats at a time while Melee DPS kill them as they run into the fray. If you have DPS that are great, they can kill them as they run towards the Ranged. *Chain pull while the tank keeps aggro. GOOD JOB! #WINNING
*2 Ranged DPS – Pull out cats with bomb AOE. Melee might not even have to try hard. *This should be easier.

Seems like really only to ways to do it, massive AOE damage or slow painful single target. I advise asking the group and going with the way that gives the best chance of #winning. So you have to do that while avoiding her other abilities, such as,

  • Shadow Bolt, Simple bolt of shadow that you can interrupt! Some more #winning.
  • Lash of Anguish, Whips yo’ ass leaving a shadow damage dot behind. Toughen up, you’ve been though worst. Some #tigerblood should clear it up!
  • Tears of Blood, Cry me a river, AOE damage that can be avoided! Remember to shut her trap!
  • Wail of Shadow, She screams and screams and makes your ears bleed. It’s almost like a catchy Lady GaGa song, you’ll be ok.

50% Phase, Did you kill the cats? The temple will cave and she scratches ever harder, faster, stronger, better, but you’ll be fine! If you didn’t kill the cats then they will join the fight all crazy like pussies do. So I would try to just AOE if any are alive or tunnel vision / burn / cooldowns FT! She gains the 2 abilities below,

  • Ravage, Melee damage and bleed. It’s cool tho.
  • Vengeful Smash, Massive Damage towards a single person. Be aware!

~15% she will cast Camouflage and pester your group. While she hides you focus on any cats that are alive and get ready to kill her! You can do it man, cut her F**King head off. /movieref

Zanzil, Satan has a sister!

This fight is pretty much to show some raid teamwork required for this instances. Green, Blue, and Red cauldrons are in the room, 2 different kinds of “ADDS” that spawn, and finally a massive AOE poison that will kill you quickly. (#BOBATEAREP) He also has these following abilities throughout each “Red, Blue & Green” Phase, listed below.

  • Terrible Tonic, Isn’t good for the soul. But you must endure the pain.
  • Voodoo Bolt! This can be interrupted! Nip it in the butt, before it ruins that rump. Skull Bash that ish. Miss Kiss ;*
  • Zanzili Fire, Moves gaily forward and burn like hell! Only a fool can be inflicted with this. So what do we know, Don’t be a fool & wrap your tool. That’s wright. Signed, Mister Right.
  • Green Phase “Zanzil’s Graveyard Gas”, 1 disease you catch with ease! When you notice this you should already be racing towards the GREEN CAULDRON. *It is useful if you try and get Zanzil in between the RED and GREEN CAULDRONS as best you can!
  • Red Phase “Zanzil’s Resurrection Elixir”, “ADD Type 1” This will summon a group of zombies that must be taken out with AOE pretty fast. Clicking the RED CAULDRON will provide you with a “Hellfire” like buff that does good damage. *You damage yourself & Party Members around you. Squishes and Healers should ignore this if they can do more good outside the mess.  **You can click the BLUE CAULDRON if you are not using the RED for the ICE ATTACK. Good idea! #winning again!
  • Blue Phase “Zanzil’s Resurrection Elxir”, “ADD Type 2” This will summon a different zombie “ADD”. Now this one is like one of the trash mobs that casts Pursuit and the Targeted Party Member must kite. BLUE CAULDRON buff is very helpful here. *Try freezing him as he switches if you are having DPS problems!
Pretty much go at it and get it. Be ready for it and it won’t seem so bad! 

Mister Bad Bones Himself, Jin'do the Godbreaker

He has a story for you. And that shall be a new post.

I have learned a lot in the short time that I have started this. I’m glad I decided to try it out. And I thank all of you who bear with me during this. <3 Mucho Besos 
This was my very first attempt at a blog towards the new 4.1 patch of World of Warcraft. I want to thank Wowhead for their awesome website. And whosever wifi channel brought me there. Kudos to yous. <3 It has been a long 22 hours since I first awoke on April 28th at 7:00 AM PDT. I’m ending this at 4:30 AM PDT on April 29th. The day of the #Royale #Wedding Everyone is #winning. This is Sin Sity you know.